Barbara M. Popielawska
(born Dobrowolska)

Photo'03 - RTN integration camp on Åland

Positions held:

1 June, 2006 - 31 May 2010, scientific director, Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences- SRC PAS, Warsaw
1 April, 2006 - 31 May 2006, acting scientific director, Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences- SRC PAS, Warsaw
2012 - now, professor , SRC PAS
2001 - 2011, associate professor (docent), SRC PAS
1985 - 2000, assistant professor (adiunkt), SRC PAS
1977 - 1985, research assistant, SRC PAS
1972 - 1977, research assistant, Institute of Geophysics PAS, Dept. of Geomagnetism, Warsaw
1968 - 1972, laboratory engineer, Institute of Geophysics PAS, Central Geophysical Observatory, Laboratory of Cosmic Rays, Belsk

Scientific degrees and titles

Professor in physical sciences, since 5 December 2011
Ph. D. habilitation, Institute of Geophysics PAS, 2000, monograph "Signatures of dual mechanism of plasmasheet formation and structuring - a study based on Prognoz-8 plasma data"
Ph. D. Institute of Geophysics PAS, 1985, thesis "Dynamics of the outer radiation belt proton fluxes as inferred from Intercosmos-5 satellite data"
M. Sc. Warsaw University, Dept. of Mathematics and Physics, 1969, thesis " Spectroscopic properties of selected types of aurora"

Training and working abroad

1988,1993,1994,1997,1998,1999,2002,2004 visiting scientist at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) in Kiruna or Uppsala, 1-2 month stays
1998/99 Visiting professor in IRF, Kiruna, 10 months
1996/97 International trainee at ESTEC, Noordwijk, Space Sci. Dept., 6 months
1987 Visiting scientist at the University of Chicago, Enrico Fermi Inst., Lab. of Astrophys, and Space Phys., 8 months
1987 Visiting scientist at the University of Iowa, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, 6 weeks
1980/81 Fulbright student at the University of Iowa, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, 10 months
1975 exchange visitor at Moscow State University, Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, 9 months


KBN - Polish State Committee for Scientific Research, EU - European Union

1993-95 KBN grant - "Dynamics of low-energy particle population in the Earth's magnetotail-Prognoz 8 based study" - leader
1993-95 KBN grant - "Physics of shock waves in the collisionless space plasmas" - co-worker
1997-2000 KBN grant - "Large scale kinetic modeling of the plasma sheet in the Earth's magnetotail under northward IMF" - leader
2002 KBN grant - "Search for the mechanism conditioning magnetic reconnection in the Earth's magnetosphere" - leader
2003-2005 EU grant, FP5 - Research Training Network "Turbulent boundary layers in geospace plasmas" - participant RTN
2005-2007 KBN grant - "Modeling selected phenomena in the near-Earth space under extreme solar activity" - leader

Scientific publications

- Dobrowolska,B., "Atmospheric effects on cosmic ray μ-meson intensity recorded at Belsk during 1967-1969", Publs. Inst. Geophys. Polish Acad. Sc., Vol. 58, p.45-55, 1972.
- Dobrowolska,B., S. Fischer, J. Kolar, S. N. Kuznetsov, V. A. Kuznetsova, P. V. Vakulov, "Pulsations of magnetospheric electrons", in Proc. XIV Int. Cosmic Ray Conf.(Monachium) , paper MG8-25, p.1356-1361, 1975.
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- Dobrowolska,B., A. V. Zakharov, V.A. Kuznetsova, K. Kudela, "Proton precipitation during magnetic storms in the plasmapause region according to the data from the Intercosmos-5 satellite", J. Atmos. Terrest. Phys., Vol. 38, p. 1231-12360, 1975.
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- Popielawska,B., P. V.Vakulov, S. N. Kuznetsov, K. Kudela, "Dynamics of >0.5 MeV proton flux at the beginning of the main phase of magnetic storm" (in Russian), Artificial Satellites, Vol.15, p. 94-102, 1980.
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Other publications, preprints, reports

- Popielawska, B., "Proposal for using Hornsund station in GEM research program" (in Polish), Przeglãd Geofizyczny, Vol. XLI, No. 1-2, p. 17-24, 1996.
- Popielawska, B., "Space Weather" (in Polish), in Multimedialna Encyklopedia "Natura: Wszechswiat" , PWN, Warszawa, 2001.
- Popielawska, B.," Space weather- everyday practical problem" (in Polish), in Publs.Inst.Geophys. PAS, "Wybrane problemy geofizyki współczesnej - Stanislaw Kramsztyk in Memoriam", M-25(347), p.305-319, 2002. 13 MB .pdf
- Popielawska, B., P. Koperski, R. Lundin, J. Blecki, "Prognoz-8 case study of the structure and solar wind controled dynamics of magnetopause boundary layers at the dawn tail flank", SRC PAS, p. 1-25, Fig.1 -12, Dec. 1994.
- Popielawska, P. Koperski, R. Lundin, A. V. Zakharov, J. Blecki, J. Grygorczuk, P. Oberc, "Case study of the magnetopause at the dawn tail flank during strongly northward IMF", submitted to J. Geophys. Res., p. 1-42, Fig. 1-9, Plate 1, submitted 3 July 1995, revised version 27 March 1996.
- Popielawska, B., G. Gustafsson, A. Pedersen, C. T. Russell, " Magnetopause indentation and cusp distortions near the potential merging site", p. 1-60, report, IRF, Kiruna, 11 June 1999.
- Popielawska, B., "Cusp 'magnetopause': An exercise from Polar", p. 1-7, SRC PAS, 15 Dec.1999.
- Popielawska, B., A. Odzimek, I. Stanislawska, M. Kubicki, A. Wernik, G. Goral, M. Grzesiak, M. Pożoga, "SuperDARN in Poland - study of potential scientific benefits", Proceedings of 2011 SuperDARN Workshop, p. 1-34, May 30-June 3, 2011, Darthmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA.
- Popielawska, B., "Dynamics of superthermal particles in the Earth's magnetosphere", p. 1-73, invited paper, Proc. Plasma 2011 International Conference on Research and Applications of Plasmas (ISBN:978-83-926290-1-6), Warsaw, 12-16 Sept. 2011. be continued

Presentations (selected)

- Bojanowska, B. and B. Popielawska, "Extremely strong space weather storms on October and November 2003" (in Polish), presented at plenary meeting of the Committee of Geophysics PAS, June 2004, Institute of Geophysics PAS, Warsaw. 10 MB .pdf
- Popielawska, B., Y. Khotyaintsev, J. Pickett, Ch. Farrugia, B. Kellett, G. Gustafsson, K. Stasiewicz, "Langmuir and electron solitary waves at high-latitude magnetopause near the merging site", Workshop "Multiscale processes in the Earth's magnetosphere: From Interball to Cluster", Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, September 2003. 6 MB .pdf
- Popielawska, B., Y. Khotyaintsev, G. Gustafsson, B. Kellett, Ch. Farrugia, J. Pickett, K. Stasiewicz, "Structure of high-latitude magnetopause near the merging site", EGS - AGU - EUG Joint Assembly, Nice, France, 6 - 11 April 2003 (where 2D plots were promised)
- Stasiewicz, K., B. Popielawska, G. Gustafsson, Ch. Farrugia, "Ringing of the magnetosphere induced by a magnetic cloud and fast solar wind flow: multiscale observations by Cluster and Polar", 34th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, The Second World Space Congress, held in Houston, TX, USA., 10-19 October, 2002.
- Popielawska, B.,"Large-scale structure of plasma domains in the Earth's magnetotail and its dependence on the interplanetary magnetic field direction", invited talk at the Yellowstone'01 LANL Conference "The Nightside Magnetosphere", Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful Lodge, 1-5 October 2001.7 MB .ppt
- Popielawska, B., I. Sandahl, V. A. Stayzkhin, H. Stenuit, A. V. Zakharov, "Characteristics of the high-latitude magnetopause near the antiparallel merging site", invited talk at ESA-COSPAR Colloquium "Acceleration and Heating in the Magnetosphere", Konstancin-Jeziorna (Poland), 6-10 February 2001.

......list in preparation

Awards and Honors

NASA Group Achievement Award for Cluster Science Team - 2004
ESA Cluster mission, Co-investigatorship in EFW experiment - 2000
Swedish Natural Science Research Council's guest professorship for women, IRF Kiruna - 1998
Fulbright scholarship in USA, University of Iowa - 1980

Professional Service

Member of the Committee on Space Research, Polish Academy of Sciences KBKiS, chairman of the Commission of Space Physics, 2003-2006; Scientific Secretary, 2006-2012
Member of The Polish National Committee for Cooperation with the International Geosphere-Biosphere Global Change Programme, 2007-2013
Science Discipline Representative from Poland in SCOSTEP, 2002- 2009 SCOSTEP
Member of the Scientific Council of SRC PAS, 2001 - now


National Coordinator of the education outreach program "Life in the Universe", European Science Week 2001 LiU
Member of the "Physics on Stage" organizing committee of the Polish Physical Society, 2001-2003 PoS