Figure. 1. The long tail of the Jovian magnetosphere: Configuration of planets when Voyager 2 approached Saturn in 1981 (W. Macek, Long Magnetic Tails in the Solar System, 1987, habilitation thesis).

Figure. 2. The interaction of the solar wind the very local interstellar medium. Shown are the boundaries of the heliosphere: inner shock front, heliopause, and outer bow shock. The heliopause is at the outermost extent of the solar wind. Beyond the heliopause lies the interstellar wind, this sketch is taken from The Voyager Neptune Travel Guide, JPL Publication 89-24.

Figure. 3. The projection of the attractor onto the three-dimensional space, reconstructed from the Helios solar wind data, using the moving average and the singular-value decomposition filters [W. M. Macek, 1998, Fig. 5 b].

Figure. 4. Generalized two-scale weighted Cantor set model for solar wind turbulence [W. M. Macek, 2007, Fig. 2].